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Kellogg had anything to do with their planning for this proposed building, since Ellen White had been all in favor of the project.

He declares his opinion that her writings are not any more inspired than those of anyone else: I would like to ask, Brother Daniells, if it could be accepted as a sort of rule that Sister White might be mistaken in details, but in the general policy and instruction she was an authority. Either the Lord has spoken through her or he has not spoken through her; and if it is a matter of deciding in my own judgment whether he has or has not, then I regard her books the same as every other book published.

Since early Christian times many biblical scholars have understood that the little horn of Daniel 7 referred to the Roman Emperor, Nero. Down through time, biblical scholars have also applied this prophecy to the persecuting activities of the papacy but without any need to link its persecuting behavior to the so-called change of the Sabbath as Adventists have done.

Similarly, for a very long time scholars have known that the 2,300 evenings and mornings of the little horn of Daniel 8 work out to the exact number of days that Antiochus Epiphanes polluted the Jewish Temple before 161 BC.

Ellen didn't know what building she was talking about, but if it was the one for the American Medical College, she should have rebuked each member of the planning committee that worked on it while he was away in Europe.

Those involved with planning the new building for the American Medical College did not think that her testimony against Dr.

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The many letters that transpired between White and Kellogg in the years before 1899, alone, would explain her fear that he might be constructing a building in Chicago, and reading the old American newspaper article explained everything without any need for divine intervention. What could possibly justify such whopping perfidy on the part of a man whose appearance of piety earned him the honor of serving as the editor of the official church paper of Seventh-day Adventists, The Review and Herald, from 1911 to 1944?

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