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How can I automatically display the CVS columns in Explorer for each CVS-controlled folder? Why is RSH (.rhosts) no longer supported, and what do I do about it? Why do the overlay icons sometimes change to random graphics? Can I work on lots of modules from different repositories at once? Why do the overlay icons sometimes show the wrong status? I need to specify a different SSH port but Tortoise CVS won't let me?Yes, you can check out a module with Win CVS and use it in Tortoise CVS or vice versa.If you've installed CVSNT as command line client you can also mix with that.There's a preference setting that instructs Tortoise CVS whether to default to DOS or UNIX in such cases. You can even multiply select modules which came from different places, and update or commit them all at once.Some people have been known to reboot between changing repositories to change their CVSROOT environment variable. You don't even need to set a CVSROOT environment variable.Therefore, to be able to share text files across platforms, line endings have to be converted. So when committing a Windows-style text file to CVS, before writing it to a sandbox on a Windows system.

You can also hold down Control while you click on the CVS Diff menu option.Some CVS clients work incorrectly with daylight saving time or time zones in general under Windows.You should use CVSNT or a sufficiently recent version of Win CVS with Tortoise CVS version 1.4 , especially on NTFS file systems.Tortoise CVS already tells Explorer to always display the CVS columns, but it may not always work due to your Explorer settings.If you use the "Remember each folder's view settings" folder option, the columns displayed in a particular shell view may be restored from the registry, so in this case the CVS columns may not be visible.

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