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UNIFIL is currently deployed in Southern Lebanon (south of the Litani River) and primarily along the United Nations-drawn Blue Line, which is the border between Israel and Lebanon.

The force's activities have centered around monitoring military activity between Hezbollah and the Israeli Defense Forces with the aim of reducing tensions and allaying tension along the border.

Hezbollah supporters have accused UNIFIL of siding with Israel, especially since the passage of Resolution 1701 which they view as one-sided.

France is committed to increase her complement from 400 to 2,000 men and send Leclerc heavy tanks and AMX 30 Au F1 self-propelled artillery, A naval component of UNIFIL was set up to assist the Lebanese Navy preventing arms proliferation to Hezbollah.

This force is under the command of a German admiral with the majority of vessels being provided by the German Navy.

Israel was concerned when it was reported that Indonesia was being considered to replace Italy as commander of UNIFIL's naval force.

As Indonesia does not recognize Israel, and the two countries have no diplomatic or military relations, Israel expressed concern that cooperation with the IDF, especially the Israeli Navy, could deteriorate.

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