Norwegian dating marriage Widder mann kennenlernen

It is up to the person getting married to document that he/she is legally entitled to be in Norway.

• If any previous marriage or registered partnership has ended through divorce or death, the administration and division of the previous matrimonial property must have been started on or completed.

This certificate states that, according to the laws of the country where the person resides, there is no impediment to him/her getting married in Norway.According to the General Penal Code, anyone who forces someone to get married may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to six years.Aiding and abetting in this is punishable in the same way. The parties who are getting married must not be closely related to each other. It is not against the law for cousins to get married but it is important to note that if the parents are related to each other there is an increased risk of having children who are ill or have congenital deformities and of stillbirths, cot deaths and children with reduced life expectancies.• Anyone getting married in Norway must be legally entitled to be in the country.This issue is regulated by the legislation governing foreigners, refer to the website of Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

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If this wedding procedure is not followed, the marriage is not regarded as having been entered into and is invalid.

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