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An Awkward Situation IV the fart.s are as stated, the arena com- 1 mission s#y’ms to have plaren l I'j'U in a rather invidious position over its- contract with the Cougars hoe no ice time for all The leagues Ihat wanted to use Hie arena. This is wii Pie the commission has lo ilisd'etion and within its legitimate poweis dei ide to whom It will rent the building in its i hai’ ge. Ill a- I’ordarii'p With its own stepfifvl u|e-.’’ he explained "I a!

"Oh well, it wa.s all in H gor another three and a half montb.s. are a form of si K'ial superstition freaied by prudishness, tfthey are it’s a happy cjrcumstai»'‘e that most of society- m prudish In this regard. it i* evident that o\ir present •’bjeciive nf It S.faa'i men hy Ht.'vl Ls tiei low and l'»o leisurely.

ol lutl - iost offu*e has b O'-n o(a*n»*d al Iia\ Strisd Armory to l. 'Hie ftrx vvele inilde «t ii»t 1 ittimrt nu'eimg r;ii I’d l.t-ji iiirltt to dixcuas whether '^huuid tiif te Utiurvi w:'il Hti Oim M d iilihralecl 'maiked dfirtiontium'' tn Anglo hgvptiun Miloux, tu'iilarlv followi Ml! HE HELPS PREVENT LOSSES He represents a bu*ine« which providee Indemnity lor lots.

J.e tare of the t'\|K,*clt Ht t»t*«vy vultime r»f C’hrisimas mail. the recent l Umtolil lull of hin with noixi* ami tumuli tm Immled the piotext to t'.\. re they xt^*mingl.v lacked m v«»iev V - (k*nei ;«l Trvgve and In the fk* meint MT Mli Hlx 'lower axked that il lie '•in iilaiefi to alt houv* . Beyond that, he help* prevent such loe*es by friendly, useful adv»ce obout the hosorda likely to produce low. AUTOMOBILE AMD CASUALTY INSUR- ANCE AGENT, REPRESENTDJG A BUSINESS WHICH PROVIDES ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE OTHER THAN LIFE.

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