Handling bossy and intimidating people

This works well with people who are willing to be flexible with you, but, often, difficult people are difficult because they are so rigid.

So once you know you are being fair with them, be firm with them.

Avoid the temptation to take them on in front of the group. Let them know you thought they were digging at you and ask them, "Did you mean it that way? They feel their lives are under the control of people who can't be trusted. Many times managing difficult people can tell you as much about yourself as it does about them.

" If they attempt to dismiss their remarks as a joke, agree that the joke was funny, but then add something such as, "But I thought I heard a dig in the tone of your voice." If circumstances require you to confront the person in front of the group, don't take him or her on directly. You must confront their "yes, but..." attitude with a positive statement of your own. You will need to describe for them what you propose to do. To foster your own growth, write down the things about these people that annoy you. Remember the guidelines in Matthew -17 and Ephesians . Dobbins is a respected Christian psychologist, minister and author.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Rockefeller was asked what quality he was willing to pay for the most when hiring employees, he responded without hesitation, "The ability to get along with people." It is the lack of this ability to get along with people that makes difficult people difficult. In different places, difficult people may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all share this common trait: They are difficult!

Somehow I thought I was failing in my ministry if I could not earn the love of every person in the church. There is no church where the pastor is loved by everyone.

Basically they are fearful of close personal relationships that would require them to be emotionally vulnerable.

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The first three types in the following list fall into this category. They are so bold and blunt in their approach that they tend to take you off guard.

Here are nine types of difficult people along with some practical, biblical ways of managing them: 1. They must be confronted in a firm and friendly way. However, they have gone along with what you have asked them to do because they are afraid to be honest with you.

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