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Even today, a “k’zayit” (literally “like an olive”) is a unit of measurement used in calculating amounts of Jewish ritual foods such as challah, matzah and wine.During the Spanish Inquisition, cooking with olive oil (instead of lard) was considered a sign that someone was a secret Jew.When the bird brought back a branch of an olive tree, Noah realized that plants were growing once again.

The resulting pulp was placed in woven baskets and squeezed in a press, yielding rich olive oil that flowed out of the basket’s many holes. Many olive presses have been excavated throughout Israel, attesting the central role this food played in ancient Israel.The Jewish people are also compared to olive oil, which doesn’t typically mix with other liquids, but stays separate and distinct.The olive tree’s long roots penetrate deep into the earth, reaching damp soil even during hot, dry summers.Israel now has about 81,000 acres of olive production.Each year, between 15,000 and 16,000 tons of extra-virgin olive oil are produced in Israel.

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