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Not to say I’m not cooking, but the photos and the description parts are WAY harder than the cooking and eating honestly. And so I will join those sans-wheat (and barley etc) pioneers who relearns to make delicious foods, and supports others on the same (forced) endeavor. Or I’ll eat Amy’s GF mac & cheese from the frozen section every day and become a fat lazy gluten free person. Instead of constantly burning myself on the poorly designed and/or incorrectly installed ikea mini-oven you will be seeing a real full sized range, and plenty of counter space for all the chopping, kneading, blending and plating I can whip up. promise that fall will see a resurgence of creative eats 🙂 I don’t know if it bothers you, but it REALLY bothers me when I’m reading a recipe, or a magazine or watching a cooking show and they make food or cooking seem super difficult and elitist. but still, would’ve been awesome w/o so much cheese. Step 3: Cook your chicken You know my drill — use thekitchn’s guidelines for this part. Let me know what else you do with spaghetti squash — or how you cook it faster!

And then we will march confidently into the future of relearning to cook basically. ) and an inordinately busy work/non-blog life here lately, when I’ve cooked, taking pictures hasn’t been a priority. My strategy was to cut off each ends, and then split it long way. I rubbed the inside with the italian blend and a teaspoon of olive oil, and covered it with foil.

Sure we can’t all make saffron truffle mussels every night easily, but still, this isn’t that complicated if you own the expensive stuff. Last weekend the BF and I were out doing errands and stopped in for lunch/brunch at a little place in Adams Morgan that serves Central American food. So I endeavored to create a similar more dinner-esque dish… Step 1: Salsas I was really lazy, so we used jarred salsa, but here are a few options if you’re less into the 30 minute meal and more into the all from scratch meal. Step 2: Season Chicken Season your chicken with some spices. It’s the only way to make tender, moist boneless skinless chicken breasts that I’ve found. You can use the refried beans as a salsa barrier, or roasted veggies or corn etc.

So I’m on a crusade to expose fancy terms for what they are… Generally we’d get such treats in our own latino neighborhood, but I was glad when we sat down because I saw something glorious on the menu. Salsa Verde: Tomatillo salsa – a fave Salsa Roja: Salsa Asada – looks easy enough and yummy But like I said… Mine was a blend of adobo, cumin, smoked paprika and a little garlic powder (). Sear both sides, cover with some broth or wine or water and don’t touch them. Step 4: Toast & Roast This is where you toast your corn tortillas in the oven (). Step 5: Plating & sides On either side of your plate, place one toasted corn tortilla.

This is way healthier than the fried version you’d get with huevos divorciados at a restaurant, and really you’re going to cover them with salsa anyway, so no loss there. The roasting is for your veggies if you want some on the side (). But don’t be like me and decide to roast 1/2 a tomato in your caste iron.

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  1. Called Accents, because I couldn't think of a title: mother tongues, Tagalog, from sea to shining sea, forming words in my head, dismay at "losing" my accent, and (I'll stop with the Journey references at some point, honestly) yet another little mention of Arnel Pineda towards the end. I consider him a mentor and a slightly elder brother, though he would no doubt bristle at being called "Kuya" or worse, "Tito".) This very frankness makes the collection a constantly stimulating read, as Jojo, in essay after essay, takes a stand and defends it.