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That’s what friends do — even if one breaks the other’s heart.Una de mis marcas favoritas de cerveza es Leffe, y es que todas las que he probado me han gustado (aunque mi favorita siempre será la negra, como me pasa siempre) y es que los belgas no tienen nada que envidiar al resto del mundo en cuanto a la elaboración de cervezas, y seguro que todos los que hayáis saboreado un tipo de Leffe estaréis de acuerdo conmigo. The 10 seconds it took to fire up my laptop seemed to take an eternity. I fired off a post about religion or some other nonsense. One arm around a friend, she posed for the camera on a snowy New York street. The girl in the picture was too short for my 6-foot-3. Meanwhile, my days were full of jokes, funny pictures, flirtatious texts and three-hour-long conversations. She wasn’t the type to beat around the bush or write long-winded missives. Her sometimes abusive family situation brought out the white knight in me. I was planning to move away as soon as my probation was up. It was a picture of a short, brunette girl bundled in a Northface jacket. A more Yankee, Midwestern accent does not exist on this planet, but who cares what the voice sounds like if the things it says are the things you want and need to hear? Over the course of the next year Jamie sent cards, talked to my nephews and niece on the phone, and even sent my mother a Christmas present. How can you love someone you have never met, never seen, never held, never kissed? She was the first person I thought of each morning and the last person I spoke with every night. She confided in me about her struggles with her sometimes abusive and manipulative family. Trusting someone with all of your secrets and knowing they will accept you regardless of your past? I asked if she wanted to come to Nicaragua with me. Waiting for that alert to appear, I checked out her profile. She had three posts on this site — a lurker, but the posts were well-written and a reasonable length. I smoked a cigarette on the porch, and when I came back, she had finally replied. That was it, but for the first time in a long time, I went to bed with a smile on my face. I told her I was a struggling writer and about my financial and legal troubles. I would go first, and she would follow once I had a place for us.

I had traveled through dangerous parts of the world and hung with the dregs of society. But I was the perfect prey for this particular predator. That is what it took to snare me and take me for everything that mattered. She didn’t want me to buy a set of steak knives or cheap prescription meds. When I look at him, I don’t see a liar who tried to gain fame to increase his odds of winning the Heisman. A beautiful girl from his home who shares his faith contacts him.

One time she popped her eardrum from an ear infection. It all came crashing down one night just before Christmas.

It is humiliating to fall for an online hoax, and you will spin a web of lies to protect your reputation and pride.

All our lives we have been taught to be wary of those who want to hurt us or take something from us. Given my past, I was better at spotting these people than most. She never once asked me for anything — other than love. Would I do it differently if I could do it all again? But I also would urge you not to judge Manti Te’o or his family too harshly. He is a star athlete with no time to socialize and no friends beyond his teammates.

From our days at the park when we were constantly on the lookout for strangers offering candy to those nights where, stumbling from the corner bar, we quickly scanned parking lots and alleyways for “shady” characters. I have spent more time researching software than I did researching a woman I spent a year on. Her real life was not so very different than the one she described to me. She still deals with a level of verbal abuse I couldn’t handle.

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