Boot camp adults

When we arrived at boot camp it was too dark to see our surroundings.

We were led inside a building, up a set of stairs, and into a dark, carpeted room.

Here we were told to lie down on the floor and go to sleep, so I did.

In the morning we tumbled out under bright sun and unfamiliar trees, lined up, and wove through a maze of tents and tables to collect black duffel bags and stuff our things inside.

Puppies and adult dogs get to swim or just run around the levee in small groups, or individually if they are not social, at least 4 times a day. or Bill has over 30 years experience teaching obedience, and is a canine Behaviorist with a B. in Behavioral Psychology from Kean University,and has attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, N. Bill was scheduled to teach a course in Dog Behavior at the University of New Orleans in Nov.

The ones that are here for training also get put through their paces. of 2005, unfortunately Hurricane Katrina canceled all classes that year.

It wasn’t in my mother’s nature, either, but she believed it was god’s law that men should take charge and women should be wives and mothers who submit to their husbands, so she struggled to make herself fit.

“I want you to be better than me,” my mom would say, working to mold me into a beautiful, righteous woman.

In exchange for donations I handed out prayer cards to sweet old ladies at church, my parent’s friends, my grandparents, aunts and uncles.

We were each issued a water bottle, a divided plate, a set of silverware and a cup.

I kept mine in a mesh bag and hung it on a tree in our team’s eating area, a wobbly circle of wooden benches.

My first test of courage came that morning as we went down the breakfast line.

I dreaded meals, even at home: certain foods made me gag around their textures like a reflex. Eventually I learned to hide what I couldn’t eat in the dead leaves under my bench.

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